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Got this earlier today via the confocal microscopy mailing list.  Just
thought some of you might be interested.

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Date:         Wed, 15 Apr 1992 12:00:38 -0500
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Subject:      Image processing newsgroup under discussion

There is presently a discussion going on in news.groups regarding the
creation of a USENET newsgroup devoted to image processing.  It was
originally proposed as, but a good case is
being made for sci.imaging, which would be a group for scientists to
discuss their image processing problems.  From the volume of discussion,
it looks likely to me that some such group will be created.

Please participate, by posting a short note such as "I would read
sci.imaging" to news.groups, with subject line "Re: RFD for new IMAGE
PROCESSING newsgroup".
Some other proposed names were comp.imag-pro, comp.dsp.imaging, etc.

Also, a mailing list for interested people has been set up, send subscribe
requests to image-proc-request at  The list will
probably be discontinued once the newsgroup is created.
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