Question: What are the HGML numbers in MEDLINE?

Kerryn Brandt kab at WELCHGATE.WELCH.JHU.EDU
Tue Apr 14 14:13:00 EST 1992

David Steffen asked about the HGML numbers in the MS field of MEDLINE
(actually the SI field in NLM's record):

HGML was the Human Gene Mapping Library; as David mentioned, all of the
data in HGML was moved to GDB (Genome Data Base) in August of 1990.  The
HGML number in MEDLINE's SI field is the accession number of the
citation in the former HGML database.  You can use these numbers to
retrieve the same citations in GDB's Source Manager (Specify ID Type: 
HGML Id; then enter the Id:), which contains all of the literature
references that were in HGML.  You might then find additional
information by calling one of the other data managers from the retrieved
source.  For example, H6936 is a paper by Law et al. on the hemopexin
gene.  If you call Locus Manager from this record, you will find
information on the HPX locus.  If you call Probe Manager from the HPX
locus, you will retrieve data for the lambdaHx5 probe.

Not all references from HGML that are in MEDLINE have the HGML Id
numbers in the SI field; we estimate perhaps 45% do.  Since GDB's
inception, every citation entered into the Source Manager has also been
assigned a unique GDB Id number.  This information does not appear in
the MEDLINE SI field.

Hope this helps.

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