Question: What are the HGML numbers in Medline?

Dennis Benson dab at
Mon Apr 13 14:10:29 EST 1992

steffen at (David Steffen) writes:
: Sorry for the cross posting; looking over the list of bionet groups,
: none of them seemed all that approriate, though these seemed close.
: In the Medline database are listed accession numbers for Genbank,
: EMBL, DDBJ, PIR, and HGML.*   I know what the first four are, but am
: having trouble with the fifth.  I am under the impression that HGML
: stands for Human Genome Map Locus, and that the HGML organization is
: presently GDB (Genome Data Base) at Johns Hopkins (Welch Lab), on
: which I have an account.  However, poring over the manual, and roving
: the database, I can see nowhere that the HGML numbers are used.  These
: are NOT the OMIM numbers, which I understand.
: So... does anyone know what the HGML numbers are and how they can be
: used?

  You've just encountered an obsolete piece of data -- HGML stands for Human
  Gene Mapping Library, a database that used to be at Yale and was succeeded
  by GDB.  Several years ago, when NLM started entering cross-references to
  sequence data bases, the HGML literature references were mapped to Medline
  citations.  Since this type of change to Medline will be done in batch mode, the
  references probably will stay in Medline until the next update cycle which
  will be in November.  Til then, about the only information the HGML tag 
  communicates is that the paper referred in some way to a gene map.

  Dennis Benson

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