Mechanical stress and lignification

Tony Travis ajt at
Sun Apr 12 12:31:47 EST 1992

young at (Rich Young (x37176)) writes:
: [...]
:    I didn't think for a minute that I'd be able to contribute anything of
:    use to this group, but I just happened to be reading through back issues
:    of SCIENCE NEWS and remembered a reference to the Braam study.
:    The summary is in SCIENCE NEWS, Vol. 137, No. 8, page 117; Feb. 24, 1990,
:    and the published study is in CELL, Feb. 9, 1990.
:    I hope this is of some use, even though it's a week late.

Thanks for posting it Rich - this *is* useful to me and saved me having
to search for it in literature that I am unfamiliar with.

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