CALL FOR DISCUSSION: bionet.biology.used-equipment

Dustin Lee Laurence laurence at
Fri Apr 10 16:57:20 EST 1992

kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:

>> Why not call the group   --  -- ? 

>I used bionet.biology.used-equipment to make it clear that this was
>for biologists.  People browsing through USENET do not always put two
>and two together and realize that bionet refers to biology.  Witness
>the occasional postings of jobs on which are way off in
>left field. has a "holistic aura" to it (at
>least in my little mind) that would probably attract ads for used
>psychic pyramids 8-).

But would private individuals who happen to be looking for laboratory
equipment be able to use this group?

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