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Thu Apr 9 19:34:05 EST 1992

In article <1992Apr9.211509.6185 at> kps2 at writes:
>I think this is an interesting a potentially useful forum.  However,
>one concern that I have is that much 'used' biology equipment is
>owned by a government supplying grant funds and often tightly
>regulated by university or research foundation administrations.
>How would this problem be addressed in such a forum?

If the forum was used just for "advertising" then its probably not a  
problem.  The two parties would have to work out terms then arrange
the paperwork.  From discussion with admin. people here things can 
be transfered from one place to another as long as the proper paper 
trail is laid down.  How to deal with $'s may be a bit of a problem 
but that really will have to be worked out locally.

I think that this is a good idea.  A lot of perfectly good   
equipment is stored all over the place and creating a marketplace
for its orderly transfer to people who need it seems a reasonable 
use of bandwidth.  This group may be particularly useful for those
researchers who find themselves at small Colleges or Universities 
and need basic equipment but don't have $'s to buy it new.  I've
seen my Dept. send perfectly good equipment to surplus that I know
somebody could use.  Here sending something to surplus means storing
it outside where is soon can be classifed as junk.

Why not call the group   --  -- ? 
Once somebody starts using the "system" for this they might be inclined 
to explore other groups.

Be well --- 

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