Mechanical stress and lignification

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Mon Apr 6 12:13:29 EST 1992

harper at (Rob Harper) writes:
: [...]
: A few years ago I corrected the language of a master degree from the
: Horticulture department at Helsinki University. It examined how machanical
: stimulation of plants in the green-house helped them to survive once they
: were transplanted outside. If I remember correctly the japanese have perfected
: this type of stimulation in the green house. There are various techniques.
: 1) The plants are continuously moved by air convection (large fans)
: 2) The tables on which the plants are grown are vibrated.
: 3) A mechanical device made of felt brushes over the plants regularly.
: With some bean plants... untreated plants would snap when you bent the stem.
: whereas treated plants could be bent 30-40 degrees without breaking.
: It was rather an interesting study.

It sounds it!

Can you tell us the author, and was any of the work published?


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