Mechanical stress and lignification

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>Check out work by Janet Bramm. She had an article in cell showing that
>mechanical stimulation of Arabidopsis resulted in increased calmodulin
>production ( which I can imagine might be related to increased polysaccaride
>production and therefore cell wall stuff). The first article was in 
>Cell about 
>late 1989, I think

A few years ago I corrected the language of a master degree from the
Horticulture department at Helsinki University. It examined how machanical
stimulation of plants in the green-house helped them to survive once they
were transplanted outside. If I remember correctly the japanese have perfected
this type of stimulation in the green house. There are various techniques.

1) The plants are continuously moved by air convection (large fans)
2) The tables on which the plants are grown are vibrated.
3) A mechanical device made of felt brushes over the plants regularly.

With some bean plants... untreated plants would snap when you bent the stem.
whereas treated plants could be bent 30-40 degrees without breaking.

It was rather an interesting study.


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