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In <1992Mar6.103105.8324 at mbcf.stjude.org>, Patricia Eddy
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PE>  Does anyone know if the ATCC catalog is on-line or FTP'able
PE>  from somewhere? I used ARCHIE at sura.net but didn't come up with
PE>  anything useful.

Sorry for the "delay" in my response to the above posting.  My Usenet 
connection was buggy when I sent the follwing reply the first time.

The ATCC molecular probes and libraries catalog is available free on-line via 
modem at 1-800-647-4710.  User ID= COMMON and password= COMMON.  The only way
to access their other holdings (e.g., mammalian cell lines) on-line
that I know of is a pay subscription service that is accessible via BT/Tymnet.
Call ATCC if you want info about that, but the last time I checked into it,
it was expensive.  I'd be interested if anyone knows of a free or cheap
way to access the catalog of non-molecular ATCC holdings on-line,
particularly since the last time ATCC issued a new catalog of their mammalian
cell lines was 1988 (a new catalog will be available this year).
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