Mechanical stress and lignification

Mike Folsom mwfolsom at
Fri Apr 3 13:57:37 EST 1992

Well how about not using wind to create the stress.  I seem to 
remember an exp. where somebody put young plants on a shaker
moving at a slow rpm to induce collenchyma formation.  If you had
these plants in a growth chamber at a relative high humidity and 
others in a silimar chamber sans the shaker issues of water
relations would be lots less important.

By the way - it is nice to hear that somebody cares about structure. 
My god - you even used the " A " word (anatomy)!  Will wonders  
never cease.  Being trained as a structural botanists (that's
a plant anatomist in drag) I had come to wonder if people were
still interested in plant structure.

Enought bitching -

Be well -


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