faseb abstr. on line?

howard katz howard.katz at channel1.com
Wed Apr 1 19:12:27 EST 1992

Does anyone know if the FASEB 92 abstracts or at least the titles of the 
presentations are available in a computerized database format?  They were on-
line in previous years and were also available free from Research Information 
Systems (RIS) in their Reference Update format.  This year, RIS tells me that 
FASEB did not let them do this again.  When I called the FASEB office, they 
said they (FASEB) had offered computerized listings to pre-registered meeting 
participants (for a fee), but "no more were available" (??-what'd they do, 
burn the master disk?).  None of my immediate colleagues has the disks.  Does 
anyone know how I can get access to them?

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