Removing photographic fixer stains

Wed Apr 1 09:48:47 EST 1992

Netters - 

Some Time ago, I sent the following message to METHODS-AND-REAGENTS. I got a
number of replies, requesting that I share whatever I came up with. However,
nobody had a recipe. I therefore thought I'd try BIOFORUM to reach a wider
audience. If you have any clues, please respond by Email, since I don't
read this newsgroup. (We use Kodak GBX Developer and Fixer, by the way.)

>Do any of you autoradiographers out there have a recipe for removing fixer
>stains from clothing and equipment? We used to have one, but:
>	(a) we lost it, and
>	(b) it contained thiourea, which I understand is now considered to be
>	    a carcinogen. (Everything I've ever been doused in is now on
>	    the carcinogen list.)
>Thanks in advance.

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