low molecular weight heparin

Andreas Jennen tnt at aball.in-berlin.de
Sat Aug 29 09:03:50 EST 1992

  Hi !

	 This is not a normal request for information, because it's too
	 big to be normal:-)
		I'm looking for really every information about low molecular
    weight heparin i can get. This starts with the "history" of 
	 l.m.w. heparin(when and by whom discovered), when to use, how
	 to use, how to produce and the most important questions:

		 1)  Who is doing researches on low molecular weight heparin
			  and where can i get the papers ?

       2)  Whith companies are producing l.m.w. heparin, how much 
			  are the costs for this ?

       3)  And finally, who's the leading research team/man/woman,
			  and where are they ?

     A lot of questions, but i'm going to be very thankful for every
    little bit of information i'm hoping to get !

		  thanx a lot by now !!!!!!

		  replies to:

		  tnt at aball.in-berlin.de
        tnt at obh.in-berlin.de

		  Or by mail to     Tobias Troester
								  Potsdamer Str.7
								  1000 Berlin 45

           By mail only serious information, because i'm going to pay
			  for your letters, you do NOT have to pay for it!!!!!!!

						 bye bye    tnt

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