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S. A. Modena samodena at
Tue Aug 25 19:46:00 EST 1992

Fellow BioNet Telecommunicators:

On the subject of the current discussion for the creation of
bionet.maize, I am alerting maize geneticists by email.  I concatenated
several posts, including the official proposal and am sending them to
various people around the world who might be interested.  Anyone wishing
to see specifically what I am sending out, drop me an email request.

The Maize Genetics Cooperation Newletter, Vol. 66, 1992 published its
mailing list of over 1200 maize-interested colleagues.  A minor
percentage of those people include an InterNet/BitNet address.  It
is to those email addresses that I have sent an invitation to "tune
in" to the current discussion.

Perhaps there are parallel mailing lists in the equivalent genetics
newsletters for soybeans, barley, think of newsletters 
that I personally have seen.  Whether one favors bionet.maize,
bionet.plants.maize or bionet.plants as a forum, do you think you ought
to become an cyber-activist in your chosen plant-related discipline 
and encourage colleagues to tune into the bionet discussions groups,
especially (at least) bionet.plants?

I'd like to point out that I am "recruiting" from a list of people
who have expressed a long term interest in maize genetics.  The
Maize Genetics Coop has been going since about 1928.  The Coop has
a well attended annual meeting lasting several days.  Just as
the advent of molbio genetics as added a new vigorous facet to the
"classical" maize genetics cooperation, so perhaps going on-line might
original purpose of the Maize Coop. 

Please take note that I am not sending broadcast messages to discussion
groups on UseNet or ListServ's.  My broadcast notes are to BioNet and my
encouragement/recruiting is via Email addressed to specific people, in
keeping with the "rules" of bionet.

Have a nice day!  :^)

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