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adwright at adwright at
Tue Aug 25 09:35:52 EST 1992

It seems that there has been some concern that a newsgroup devoted to maize
biology would constitute overspecialization and that maize subjects could
be handled adequately in bionet.plants. Others anticipate that there will soon
be a reasonable level of activity, due, for example to the computerization of
the Stock Center, that would then justify the creation of a maize newsgroup.

My personal feeling is that setting up a maize group now would be desireable. 
The newsgroup could potentially attract postings from starch chemists, food
scientists, and those interested in industrial utilizatation, subjects that
that might not be attracted by bionet.plants, but still of interest to maize
research. I know several people who would be more comfortable posting maize stuff to a group devoted to maize in particular. Creation of bionet.plants.maize  
first instead of adopting a "wait and see" attitude on bionet.plants would
create more activity sooner. 

Allen Wright

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