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Marty Sachs msachs at
Mon Aug 24 13:01:06 EST 1992

>	I just sent out a call for discussion on bionet.maize.
>Perhaps we should begin by determining whether bionet.maize
>discussions should just start out on the existing bionet.plants or, if
>the discussion demonstrates a lot of interest, perhaps have
>bionet.maize be a subset, i.e., bionet.plants.maize, since we did
>mention previously that significant subsets of plant biology would be
>spun off into hierarchies.
>	I will be away until 1 Sept. so I'll let you guys duke it out
>on this one here and will read the outcome when I get back.
>				Sincerely,
>				Dave Kristofferson
>				GenBank Manager
>				kristoff at

This is something that I've started thinking about and started 
discussing with Ed Coe et al.  I personally feel that for the time 
being, placing maize postings in bionet.plants would be best.  
When maize researchers begin to use that newsgroup extensively for 
maize-specific information, then we can discuss a seperate 
newsgroup (either bionet.maize or bionet.plants.maize).  With the development
of the maize database and the computerization I plan for the stock center, I'm
sure that a maize newsgroup will be desirable in 6-12 months.  However, in my
opinion, maize-specific traffic does not warrent a seperate newsgroup at

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