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Mon Aug 24 04:08:26 EST 1992

In article <92724063008.MIN-LFTAa00161.bionet-news at> you write:
: >	I just sent out a call for discussion on bionet.maize.
: >Perhaps we should begin by determining whether bionet.maize
: >discussions should just start out on the existing bionet.plants or, if
: >the discussion demonstrates a lot of interest, perhaps have
: >bionet.maize be a subset, i.e., bionet.plants.maize, since we did
: >mention previously that significant subsets of plant biology would be
: >spun off into hierarchies.
: >
: >	I will be away until 1 Sept. so I'll let you guys duke it out
: >on this one here and will read the outcome when I get back.
: >
: >				Sincerely,
: >
: >				Dave Kristofferson

Our site has just been re-subscribed to the biosci groups (system down for
the weekend at rri caused automatic global unsubscription!) so I've missed
the preceding discussion about bionet.maize.

: I think we should seriously examine the structure of our newsgroups.
: If we don't we'll end up with a mad jumble of groups. Whilst cross-
: fertilisation is commendable, we haven't spent the last 400 years carefully
: studying biology to throw all the organisation away, or have we ?

I quite agree.

: I would be for a hierarchial organisation of our newsgroups in a manner
: befitting the work of biologists long gone (and those still with us). No
: doubt there will be some benficial spin-offs with respect to being able to
: filter relevant stuff in years to come. Let's just look a few years into the
: future, when people actually DO know about internet computing (unlike the 
: situation now - depsite the opinions of the editors of SCIENCE !!!) and when
: the size of newsgroup discussion will increase. How about a general overhaul,
: with some careful attention to newgroup hierarchy ?

I see bionet.plants as a good starting point for discussions about
maize and I suggest that the time to propose bionet.plants.maize is
when we have the sort of traffic that methods or software has now in
bionet.plants.  Why not start off the maize thread in bionet.plants NOW
instead of indulging in bionet's (apparently) favourite pastime of
discussing network politics.


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