maize stuff

amolina amolina at es.cica
Mon Aug 24 05:01:51 EST 1992

	Well, I must say I agree with Robert Coelen when he says we
should be careful in the policy of creating new newsgroups. If we 
tend to create one for every parcel we think is interesting, soon
the number of them will be too high, people working in a field 
probably will tend to skip reading things from "distant" (stupid 
word in this context) foro, etc. For instance, a molecular neurobio-
logist (like me) would tend to skip something related to maize (ex-
cept CORN FLAKES every morning), and who can say I cannot help and
receive help from a researcher working in an area, about maize, 
connected to mine (even when maize doesn't need neurons or neurons
doesn't need doing photosynthesis themselves, many problems of me-
thods, etc are common in molecular biology today).

	The idea of hierarchy inside groups like "plants" may be use-
ful if a clear identification of the content of the message is atteched
to it.

	Bye ...




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