maize bioforum

amolina amolina at es.cica
Sat Aug 22 06:37:58 EST 1992

	Even when my work doesn't deal with plants, I'd like to put
just an idea over the table: Why don't you use the PLANT forum?, if
you need a quick and easy identification that the content is about
maize, could write something like MZ on "subject" and after the sub-
ject itself.
	Somebody could say that is the same that creating a new news-
group, but there is a little (important?) difference. If the messages
are all in a wider forum, people not directly interestied on maize 
but that could be interestied on a specific aspect (noted from the
"subject") could read the message and this would be good for everybody
in the forum.
	Specialization is good and necessary in science, but too much
may result in "poorness".

	Bye ...




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