Global unsubscription

Fri Aug 21 22:26:00 EST 1992

Dr. A.J.Travis writes

>Can anyone tell me why news at has been unsubscribed from
>*all* biosci maling lists at ??

Don't be silly. Are you seriously expecting global input here?

>I've had no response to my mail from daresbury.

A problem has been identified, today, with certain unsub messages (apologies
to those who have been affected) not effecting an unsub (the problem is now
being rectified). This does not affect other messages sent to
biosci at

>Is this a conseqence of our UK-order addresses breaking the list server?

You have admitted in a previous posting that your knowledge of the subject
is `not great'. The answer is no.

It is very easy to complain. When did you last see a mail bounce since
Daresbury took over maintenance of the European/African/Asian lists? There
has been no instance of any posting breaking the NEWS/EMAIL server.

Please address (non)constructive criticism to either biosci at
or biosci at and not burden the entire readership. If normal
channels fail then Dave and I can easily be contacted.

Alan Bleasby
SERC Daresbury Laboratory

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