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Fri Aug 21 18:52:44 EST 1992

ajt at (Tony Travis) writes:

>adwright at wrote:
>: Does anyone know if there is a maize biology newsgroup? If there is not
>: one I would like to know how much interest there would be in setting one
>: up.

>How about bionet.plants ??

>I am working on the relationship between stem anatomy and degradability
>in Co125 and W401 Zea mays cultivars.

>	Tony.


	I just sent out a call for discussion on bionet.maize.
Perhaps we should begin by determining whether bionet.maize
discussions should just start out on the existing bionet.plants or, if
the discussion demonstrates a lot of interest, perhaps have
bionet.maize be a subset, i.e., bionet.plants.maize, since we did
mention previously that significant subsets of plant biology would be
spun off into hierarchies.

	I will be away until 1 Sept. so I'll let you guys duke it out
on this one here and will read the outcome when I get back.


				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank Manager

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