science and poetry

amolina amolina at es.cica
Sat Aug 22 06:23:03 EST 1992

	About the relation between science and poetry, Owen White 
	*they are both driven by wonderment.
	*both disciplines groom their students to have their own
		ideas, but usually ignore them if they do.

	Of course I agree with you. But what more surprisses (and de-
lights) me is the idea that both are essentialy moved by INTUITION (if
one can clearly differentiate it from logic but sub-conscious processes
in the human brain). You KNOW something before the demonstratation (of
course in science you MUST demonstrate it by experiments, comparison of
data, etc., and in poetry this isn't needed).

	Intuition is something so surprising to me ... (perhaps too
much? ..., may be).




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