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In article <92718205919.MIN-LNPAa18017.bionet-news at> you write:
: [...]
: feel the need to write the letter???!!!"  I humbly submit that if
: women scientists feel the need for a group like bionette, then I can't
: take quite seriously statements from men that women are already equal.

Well, maybe you should take such statements a little more seriously
because some of the men who say women are equal in science (as I did)
actually believe it.  I support and endorse femminist views, but female
chavinism is no better than its male counterpart.

If you are asserting that women scientists are at a disadvantage
because of male prejudice in science then I agree.  However, that is
because some chauvinistic male scientists DO NOT regard their female
colleagues as equal.

Surely, it is better to destroy male chauvinism than create a female
equivalent?  I don't see how the creation of a bionette group helps in
breaking down Victorian attitudes to women in science.  As I said
previously women ARE equal by right and I believe it is quite wrong to
regard them in any other way.


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