bionette stuff

Tue Aug 18 16:14:33 EST 1992

Dave K wrote, regarding the proposed bionette group:

>There is no reason to believe that anything is wrong
>with the bionet.ANNOUNCE distribution

I agree.  I printed off both a preliminary announcement and the official call
for votes to give to various women where I work.  And I think I recall seeing
a followup announcement as well.  I suspect that these postings
were simply not noticed at the time.  (Perhaps BIONETTE was an unfortunate
name that led to people hitting KILL without reading.)

I'm interested in and sympathetic with the plight of women in science (and other
traditionally male activities).  There is a fledgling group of women in 
cancer research, with registration at the latest national meeting of the Amer.
Assoc. for Cancer Res., with the idea of getting increased representation on 
grant panels, etc.  Here at NCTR there's a branch of American Women in
Science.  While I've not voted on bionette, I think the proposed group might be 
a good idea; I just hope that it will eventually become unecessary.
The opinions stated are mine, not those of NCTR or its sponsoring organizations.

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