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David Kristofferson kristoff at
Tue Aug 18 15:36:05 EST 1992

una at (Una Smith) writes:

>A formal request for comments (RFC) was posted by Dave K.
>on behalf of a reader.  The proposer's e-mail address was not

Cassandra Smith to be precise who is also on the mailing list for this
newsgroup and would have seen any responses.  I also note that
comments are supposed to go back to the newsgroup, not to the
individual, so omission of the e-mail address of the proposer is not a
major oversight.

>Neither the person making the proposal nor anyone
>else cared enough to bother initiating a public discussion,
>thus there was none.   

Not so negative, please.  I note that the instructions in the RFD
emphasize not posting comments such as "This is a great idea!", etc.
The discussion period is primarily for amending the proposed newsgroup
charter.  Consequently, silence implies consent under the current
instructions, not a lack of caring.


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