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	In a recent e-mail, Dave Kristofferson says " (...) I humbly
submit that if women scientists feel the need for a group like bio- 
nette, then I can't take quite seriously statesments from men that
women are already equal".
	Very good point. Of course women ARE equal even if they are
(and are) in a system that discriminates them. All of us accept (I
think) women and men scientists have the same capacity of producing
good science (science doesn't depend on gonads), but my oppinion about
bionette is contrary because I do believe their problem are better dis-
cussed in an "asexual" forum. I am very interestied on the minority
problems in science (fortunately women are becomin MAJORITY, with time)
and think if we want to tend to INTEGRATION we MUST put all the problems,
ideas, dreams, pains, etc. on A COMMON TABLE to discuss it. Of course I
have not voted against bionette because I assume every group can do
things as tey want, but I keep on thinking bionette is a bad idea.

	This discussion arrives a little late, I know. Personally, I
was in a holidays and didn't pay attention to other things different
from sun, poetry and playng the guitar. But I don't care if votation
is finishing this week (is it?), probably my Latin blood tends to dis-
cuss everything, and to consider things with (too much?) passion, even
.... out of time.

	Don't you think if discrimination against women also concerns
to men?, think if it exists (and all of us do know that), probably
are men who exert it and must be educated (sometimes reeducated), so
discussion of women problem in a common place will allow us (men and
women scientists) to see things better. Or at least it should ...


				Antonio Molina.

Don Quijote rises again.


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