Reversal of E-mail addresses.

Tony Travis ajt at
Tue Aug 18 06:18:28 EST 1992

In article <92718113603.MIN-LPJAa18017.bionet-news at> you write:
: [...]
: The BioSci lists are set up so that the REPLY always goes to the SENDER
: rather than to the list so when anybody tries to do a REPLY then they 
: get their reply bounced back at them with a message like.
: **   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
: **550 <Rob.Harper at>... Host unknown
: As far as I can see this reversal of addresses only takes place when someone
: uses E-mail to post to the DARESBURY BioSci node and not if they post E-mail
: to the GENBANK node. Neither is there any problem when followups are done
: via Usenet/Netnews.
: Perhaps this slight inconsistancy could be looked into, and people should be
: aware that in the "big world" node names take the form 
: for example

JANET mailers invert addresses to world order automatically when
sending non-JANET mail.  Unfortunately, the From field is not normally
under the control of the message originator - it is constructed by the
mailer and required to conform to UK order for use on JANET.

To the best of my knowledge (not great!) the mailer inverts the address
if the top level domain is unknown.  Some 'JANET' sites can now send
Internet mail, but only those with JIPS access.  You might be
interested (irritated?) to know that your 'From" field is inverted (to
UK order) in the message I am reading now (BIOFORUM) but is inverted
again (!) if I reply to you by email.

I'm replying to bioforum at daresbury by editing the To: field manually.


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