Reversal of E-mail addresses.

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CSC.FI
Tue Aug 18 05:05:08 EST 1992

I would just like to report a small bug which might be troubling some people
on the BioSci lists.

Recently Will Nelson said:

I tried replying to you by e-mail, but the elements
of the fully qualified domain name in your "From:"
line are reversed. 

This seems to be a problem for people who post messages to the BioSci
node at DARESBURY. For some reason E-mail messages are transposed to
the "backward" UK JANET style. Here are some recent examples from the newsgroup where EUROPEANS posting E-MAIL to DARESBURY wind
up with their address reversed.

JRAMON at es.uam.fmed.mvax
florian at
Rob.Harper at

The BioSci lists are set up so that the REPLY always goes to the SENDER
rather than to the list so when anybody tries to do a REPLY then they 
get their reply bounced back at them with a message like.

**   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
**550 <Rob.Harper at>... Host unknown

As far as I can see this reversal of addresses only takes place when someone
uses E-mail to post to the DARESBURY BioSci node and not if they post E-mail
to the GENBANK node. Neither is there any problem when followups are done
via Usenet/Netnews.

Perhaps this slight inconsistancy could be looked into, and people should be
aware that in the "big world" node names take the form for example

So be on the look out when you do replies, and if you get bounced mail from
a node then try reversing the order of the address.

(Qualifier: UK users go your own merry way)

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