FAO data access?

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Tue Aug 18 04:23:33 EST 1992

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: > I'm posting this for a friend: would anybody know whether (and if yes, where)
: > FAO data is accessible somewhere on the net? Thanks a lot.

I worked on an FAO contract two or three years ago and obtained a login
on a VAX at the Rome Headquarters which I accessed via X25 packet
switch networks IPSS (UK) and ITAPAC (Italy).  It was slow, but it did
work for small data sets.

Unfortunately the large IBM machines were/are? not connected to public
networks but I know people who have emailed uuencoded files to/from FAO
via accounts at the University of Rome.  The uuencoding is needed
because EBCDIC machines are involved.  The FAO people polled accounts
at the University, or used sneakernet.

Quite a lot of FAO work is done on PC's BTW (the VAX was running
all-in-one and was primarily an office automation machine but it could
talk to the IBM machines).

We ended up posting floppy disks for the serious stuff though :->


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