kew gardens UK

Mon Aug 17 08:58:57 EST 1992

> i try to help an ozzie scientist stay near Kew Gardens for Feb93  and
> wondered what contacts you had to help me arrange this through email for her.
> the exchange rate ozzie to pounds is very bad and kew is a tourist area. we
> seek a scientist home or other place for 3-4 wks so she can commute easily
> to kew for her research. thanks. ann baker

You might try the following list.  I have no experience with it, so don't know
how well it works.
	[Last Updated 12-October-1991]

   I am formally announcing the existence of a new list/database
   named HOSPEX at PLEARN which was created to provide those interested
   in being a host to foreign visitors a way to satisfy their interests.
   For those interested in finding a host when they are traveling
   in difference countries, this new database will satisfy this interest.
   I encourage everyone to subscribe to HOSPEX now.

   To subscribe just send a mailpiece stating that you want to join
   to HOSPEX at PLEARN. This will be automatically forwarded to one
   of the owners. Of course issuing standard
    'SUB HOSPEX your full name'
   to LISTSERV at PLEARN will do as well. You'll be sent a "fill in"
   form to be filled and returned. This subsribtion procedure
   is manual, so it may take few days sometimes.

   We are looking for lots of users outside the U.S. to subscribe
   (and U.S. users too, but now there is many more U.S. users than
   an other nation).

   Eventually, those who subscribe will be asked to send us a form
   which describes something about yourself, the type of accommodations
   you have, languages you speak, restrictions you want, etc.  When
   a file exists with this information on you, those traveling can
   look through all the files for the countries in which they will
   be traveling to find a host that seems interesting them.  So, this
   information you must eventually send to one of HOSPEX owners is
Forwarded by
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