Calling to account? (was Re: TOP 40 NEWSGROUPS ...)

Mark Cohen cohen at
Wed Aug 12 11:43:11 EST 1992

In article <1992Aug12.071825.22559 at> samodena at (S. A. Modena) writes:

>The recent calling-to-account of Gonnet et al. ought to be a sobering reminder
>that journals may not allow frank expression, but there is no Prior-Restraint
>to prevent explicit critique of science content, methodology or showmanship
>when broadcast via UseNet.  [journals disseminate; InterNet broadcasts]

Just in case you mean by "calling-to-account" that we were in any way unable to defend our paper I'd like to point out that it would probably be better to 
describe the exchange on as an enlightening discussion for all
involved. I hope that we managed to clear up any points of ambiguity raised
by our paper. If this was not the case please get in touch and I will try and 
do so now. I think that the bionet.sofware debate added to our paper and 
certainly added to the topic of sequence comparison. Admitedly some of the
initial responses may have been a bit incautious but if we consider the Internetas a type of informal debate and don't get too wound up or offended by what
people say then debate of this type must be benificial.

Mark Cohen,
ETH Zurich

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