Putting down METHODS????

Tony Travis ajt at uk.ac.sari.rri
Mon Aug 10 19:12:43 EST 1992

In article <92710225331.MIN-LTOAa00158.bionet-news at uk.ac.daresbury> you write:
: Perhaps the BIG CHEESE analogy is a good one. Even if you keep big cheeses
: in the 'fridge they go mouldy before very long >8-;

True, of course, but many BIG CHEESES don't achieve their true
character until they are left to go mouldy in the fridge 8->

What I most disklike about this CHEESE thread is the way it seeks to
establish an 'approval' system for FAQ's and a conduit through which a
self-appointed hierarchy of mentors can filter out messages that they
consider unimportant.

I personally feel that the freedom of expression we enjoy on bionet is
very important and should not be compromised by (possibly well
intentioned) attempts to restrict the distribution of messages.

No one *has* to read everything posted to methods (or any other news
group) and I suggest that a distributed knowledge base with a local
inference engine hunting around the network looking for an answer to
questions is a more rational solution to the CHEESE problem.


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