Wanted:X-ray therapy device or radiation therapy module

Yen-Chieh Huang yuchin at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Aug 7 13:44:17 EST 1992

   Sorry for cross posting so many groups.
   About one month ago, I saw a posted news mentioning that one hospital tried 
to get rid of its X-ray therapy device.  I'd appreciate if someone could tell
me how to contact the hospital. Or if you want to clean up your medical
klystron or accelerator module, it will also very helpful to my research 
project. Thank you very much.

Y.C. Huang
yuchin at leland.stanford.edu
415-7239137 (o)
415-4977761 (h)
or call
415-7232564 Prof. Pantell  

Yen-Chieh Huang
yuchin at leland.stanford.edu

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