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Edward Vielmetti emv at msen.com
Thu Aug 6 12:17:07 EST 1992

Hi.  I am embarking on a project to gauge the extet to which various
scholarly and trade journals are on line.  There has been much made of
late of "electronic journals", distributed and edited completely on line;
there are several lists of such journals floating around and considerable
interest in the phenomenon.  However, no one believes just yet that paper
journals are going to go away any time soon.  The interesting intermediate
ground is the paper-based journal whose editorial staff is on line, that
accepts papers and letters to the editor on line, and perhaps even prints
the e-mail addresses of contributors.

The way you can help me out on this is rather easy.  Send mail to
"emv at cic.net" with the following

- Name of the journal
- ISSN number, LC call number
- Names and e-mail addresses of editorial staff
- Names and e-mail addresses of the publisher
- Which edition (volume, number) this information is taken from

I'll collect and merge these entries together and then make the results
available on the net once the collection reaches a reasonable size.  I am
particularly interested in hearing directly from editors.  


  Edward Vielmetti, vice president for research, Msen Inc. emv at Msen.com
        Msen Inc., 628 Brooks, Ann Arbor MI  48103 +1 313 998 4562

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