AAtDB available via WAIS

Mike Cherry cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Sat Aug 1 00:34:00 EST 1992

A WAIS version of the AAtDB Arabidopsis thaliana database is now

WAIS has been discussed a lot in a number of bionet groups in the past so
I'll keep this message short and not go into the details of WAIS. Send me
a message if you need more information. 

I just registered this WAIS server with think.com so it should be listed
on the directory-of-servers soon. 

The source information for the AAtDB WAIS server follows: 

   :version		 3 
   :ip-name              "weeds.mgh.harvard.edu"
   :ip-address           ""
   :tcp-port             210
   :database-name	 "AAtDB"
   :cost		 0.00 
   :cost-unit		 :free 
   :maintainer		 "curator at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu"
"WAIS version of the AAtDB database, An Arabidopsis thaliana Database:
	Arabidopsis Green Book by Meyerowitz and Pruitt
	ABRC Ohio State Strains and Clones
	Nottingham Seed Centre Strains
	Primary data for Goodman and Meyerowitz F2 RFLP markers
	Classical genetic marker data from M. Koornneef
	Arabidopsis Colleagues including telephone numbers, postal addresses
	 and email addresses
	Over 2600 bibliographic citations with abstracts, if available
	Genes, Alleles and RFLP loci of Arabidopsis
	REBASE Type II Restriction enzyme database by Richard Roberts
	All GenBank sequences for Arabidopsis, reference text only
	and more

Macintosh, Unix and NeXT WAIS clients are available via Anonymous FTP from
think.com. DOS, SunView and VMS clients are available from samba.oit.unc.edu.
A IBM RS6000 client are available from ans.net.

Mike Cherry
cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu

P.S. Sorry if you see a duplicate of this message. I mailed it over 24 hours ago
to bioforum at genbank.bio.net and have as yet not seen this message come over
the bionet.general group.

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