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Thu Dec 10 13:33:55 EST 1992

marder at writes:

>In article <1g30tqINNss1 at MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU>, smith-una at (Una Smith) writes:
>[some stuff deleted]

>> That's a very good point.  As some bionet.general readers may recall, I
>> was one of the people who harrassed him about establishing voting rules
>> for the bionet groups last year.  I think the rules are good and
>> necessary, but they weren't designed with the transfer of pre-existing
>> groups in mind.

>Perhaps Dave Kristofferson would like to comment on this one.

>(This arose in response to possible transfer of PHOTOSYN Listserv group
>into the bionet hierarchy)

I did comment on this "harrassment" yesterday in bionet.plants.  I
agree that further discussion should continue here in bionet.general,
not in bionet.plants, but refer any interested parties to read my
response in that newsgroup.

Dave Kristofferson

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