PHOTOSYN as a Newsgroup

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Dec 16 15:05:25 EST 1992

harper at (Rob Harper) writes:

>I have been reading the PHOTOSYN debate for some time. Here are my thoughts
>for what they are worth.

Always glad to hear from you, Rob.

>	1)LISTSERV list-owners know more about the drawbacks of
>	  LISTSERV than the regular user... Though they keep the horror
>	  stories to themselves. (The politics of service)
>	2)With luck a user might be able to subscribe to a LISTSERV
>          but 90% of them do not know how to unsubscribe.
>	3)Getting logs of notebooks or doing LDBASE searches of LISTSERV
>	  are completely UFO ideas to most biologists.

>CONCLUSIONS: Joe Biologist wants mail and he does not care where it comes
>             from as long as it arrives and he can make a reply to it. 
>	     And if there is no bouncing mail so much the better.

>OPTIONS: If you want to give your users a soft landing into the world
>	 of BIONET, then why not proceed as follows:

>	1) Let Dave handle the administration of your list, but you
>	   remain as chief-whip to keep things in order.

This was the plan.  We do not have time to get involved in running
discussions on all of the lists.  Johnathan or someone else in the
group would have to serve as discussion leader.

>	2) Begin with only the mail distribution, so that the transistion
>	   will be gradual. REVIEW your list and send the stat file to
>	   Dave with the E-mail addresses of your members
>	3) Do not impliment the bidirectional link to Usenet just yet...
>           which would circumvent the need to have a call for votes,
>	   where you might run the risk of failure.
>	4) If the mailing list funtions well for a 6 month period,
>           and it passes the criteria which have been laid down for
>	   the "continuation" of BIONET newsgroups, then it should 
>	   automatically become linked to Usenet.

This is the "prototype newsgroup" arrangment which we have recently
implemented for two mailing lists.  After six months the group would
be put out to vote; if it doesn't pass then Johnathan might have to
take it back, but given the number of subscribers this is an unlikely
scenario.  I note that the ARABIDOPSIS group went directly from an
active mailing list to a full-fledged newsgroup and they appear to be
content with the result.  I need a formal proposal from Johnathan
before we can proceed though.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at

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