Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Thu Dec 24 12:35:10 EST 1992

> Dave,
> 	The new FAQ sheets look really great. Judging from some of the 
> messages that appear on the various newsgroups, it seems that many posters 
> don't know where to look for these FAQs. Since they are quite long it might 
> not be appropriate to post them to all the newsgroups every month (or the 
> ones that don't already have ones of their own), but would it be possible 
> (or desirable) to post a short notice describing where these FAQs can be 
> found? I think something along these lines would be sufficient:
> / [...] Both of these
> /FAQs are available for FTP from in pub/BIOSCI as
> /biosci1.FAQ and biosci2.FAQ.  They can also be requested by e-mailing
> /to biosci at
> Regards,
> Steve Clark
> clark at  (Internet)
> clark at salk               (Bitnet)


	Unfortunately because of our e-mail lists, were we to post
this message to each list, some people would receive it 30 times and
complain loudly.  I don't think that it would fly on a monthly basis.
I'll think about setting something up on a rotating basis possibly.
Currently the FAQs are only going to be posted to bionet.announce on
the first of each month.  I am going to modify the info sheet which is
sent out in response to all subscription requests to indicate how to
retrieve the FAQs.  The best thing would be if all BIOSCI users
subscribed to BIONEWS/bionet.announce, but we don't force this on

Happy Holidays!


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