Squalene abstracts/citations

Bill Pottenger billp at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Dec 30 16:05:51 EST 1992

Hello folks... I'm new to the food science/nutrition field and would like
to learn where the 'internet accessible' resources are located.  At the
moment I'm looking for abstracts and references to research papers dealing
with squalene as a food, food supplement, antioxidant, and anti-tumor agent,
although I'm particularly interested in articles dealing with the food
supplement aspects.

I've got several questions about locating such resources.  First off,  I
wonder which newsgroup(s) are the best to ask about this kind of thing?
(I've chosen these three simply as an initial guesstimate.)

Secondly, I have the results of a (commercial) data base search through
such databases as EMBASE, PASCAL,LIFE SCIENCES COLLECTION, etc, but this
simply lists databases which contain some (any) reference to squalene, and
doesn't give the abstracts or citations (at least not without additional
$$$) and I'm wondering if there isn't some other way to access this kind
of information without going through the commercial databases.

Well, any suggestions would be most welcome - thanks ahead of time!  

Since I normally don't peruse these newsgroups I would appreciate a
response via email - thank you.

Bill Pottenger

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