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Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Wed Dec 30 16:10:40 EST 1992

> In article <1992Dec23.194959.17413 at> Robert.H.Gross at (Robert H. Gross) writes:
>    Could you please provide more info on how to subscribe to this new
>    journal. How much is a subscription and who do we contact to actually
>    subscribe.
> I did not think I could provide the subscription information due to
> NSFNet commercial rules.  For information, contact:
> Mary Ann Leibert, Inc.
> 1651 Third Avenue
> New York, NY 10128
> 212-289-2300
> 212-289-4697
> If Dave K. says it's OK I will post the subscription info.
> dan davison

Dave K. says it's O.K. 8-) since this falls under the NSFnet category
of being "in support of research and education."  If someone posts a
request for information, commercial concerns may respond to it.
Responses should be informational in nature and not hyped up with
advertising jargon.


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