Zen and the art of Internet

jds at uctvax.uct.ac.za jds at uctvax.uct.ac.za
Sat Feb 29 16:09:29 EST 1992

In article <1992Feb21.152446.20447 at nic.funet.fi>, harper at nic.funet.fi 
(Rob Harper) writes:
> A new "book" named "Zen and the Art of Internet- A beginner's guide
> to the Internet" ( First edition, Jan 1992) can be had from
> nic.funet.fi in the directory /pub/netinfo/doc under the title
> zen-1.0.PS.Z 
> The "book" is about 100 pages and its author is Brendan P. Kehoe
> RGDS -=ROB=-

Could you please post the IP number of nic.funet.fi ???

I'm having difficulty with the domain names.


Joe Santangelo (JDS at uctvax.uct.ac.za)

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