BIOSCI newsgroup creation/termination policy - LONG!

Tony Travis ajt at
Fri Feb 28 17:41:52 EST 1992

kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
: [...]
: for votes to BIONEWS/bionet.announce.  Lobbying other USENET
: newsgroups to find voters would be grounds for cancellation of the
: vote.  Finally, each proposal needs to have a newsgroup charter and a
: person designated as the discussion leader (moderated newsgroups can
: also be proposed) who is responsible for maintaining a minimum level
: of activity on the newsgroup (see Point Three below about newsgroup
: termination policy).

The original message that I responded to when proposing the creation of
bionet.botany (now bionet.plants) was actually cross-posted to
bionet.general and!

My assessment of the two groups was that bionet is more
academic/scientific but less widely read.  Nevertheless, I felt that
the e-mail distribution of bionet made it more accessible to readers
who do not have a news feed.

I favour the creation of bionet.plants rather than sci.plants but I
find your objection to campaigning in other groups unreasonable.

My basic objective is to make contact with other botanists and discuss
issues of common interest regardless of which news group they read or
subscribe to via mailing lists.  Bionet seems appropriate for this as
does but I have been attempting to discuss the issue in both
groups to get a balanced view of their relative merits.

I am pleased with the e-mail responses that the discusions have
prompted to me personally and I am now far more aware of what is going
on in the electronic botany world than I was a couple of weeks ago. 
Indeed, I had hoped that we could use bionet.plants to *merge* several
smaller mailing lists and bring them to a wider readership.

It is reasonable to assume that readers of the bionet.* groups are just
as likely to vote yes for the creation of bionet.plants but not read
the new group as voters from or other news groups are, so why
should bringing the CFV to the attention of *potential* readers from
other news groups invalidate the vote?


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