Biosci vs. Usenet

Peter M. Muriana muriana at
Sat Feb 29 14:17:19 EST 1992

Thanks to Dave K., Fote M., and Una S. for responding to an inquiry
about the distinction between BIOSCI and USENET/bionet.  I'm sure
other netters, besides myself, also may not be as versed in E-mail/
USENET/Networking as Dave, Fote, and Una.

I have recently FTP'd the file Zen-1.0.PS.Z from, which 
was recently posted by Rob Harper (I believe).  It contains the document

	"Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginners Guide to the

As I have seen postings saying "could someone help me with.....I'm only
a Microbiologist, not a computer specialist." (could easily have been
stated by me), this "book" would definitely be helpful to those who
want to *utilize* this network resource rather than to just read E-mail.

Hats off to Brendan P. Kehoe for writing it.  Chapters include:

		1. Network Basics
		2. Electronic Mail
		3. Anonymous FTP
		4. Usenet News
		5. Telnet
		6. Various Tools
		7. Commercial Services
		8. Things You'll Hear About
		9. Finding out more

It not only puts in one place the "how to do this/how to do that" that as a 
novice I've been piecing together from various sources and have written 
down on so many bits of paper, but it also gives some history of USENET and
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