Voting procedure

Una Smith una at
Fri Feb 28 15:29:19 EST 1992

>I say: allow NO votes and publish the names/addresses, just as you will
>the YES roster.  

The standard Usenet procedure is to publish a list of people who voted,
sorted alphabetically, WITHOUT REGARD for the vote itself.  Personally,
I would be very unhappy to see a voting system that revealed which way
people voted.  Such open systems are useful in circumstances where the
voting party is a representative of some larger group (eg, senators),
but leads to repression in many parts of the world.
>Make establishment of a newsgroup contigent only on a minimum number
>of YES votes, and let the NOs stand as [not-so] mute dissent.
Why bother submit a NO vote then, other than to be obnoxious?


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