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Foteos Macrides MACRIDES at WFEB2.BITNET
Fri Feb 28 13:06:00 EST 1992

>If there are other issues, please let us all know.

        In effect, the "summary proposal" substitutes discussion in BIOFORUM
for NO votes.  It might be desireable, therefore, to have a 10-day delay in
the "YES voting," so that objections/concerns can be raised *before* we start
casting our votes.  The discussion could continue during the 30-day voting
period, and the overall decision process would take 40 days.  If objections or
truly worrisome concerns were raised during the initial 10 days, we could each
hold off casting a YES vote until those issues are resolved in our minds (or
not cast a vote before the clock runs out).

        Let's all be clear what this would mean.  We'd be publicly expressing
criticisms, trying to influence what others think and do (or not do), and
hoping that the discussion doesn't degenerate into *TRUE FLAMES* -- we'd be
testing our *professionalism* (a YES - NO mechanism would be "safer" in that

>A possible way of reducing the amount of lobbying might be to design a
>        A proposal to create a group is currently being
>        discussed on bionet.general (BIOFORUM).  Please join the discussion in
>        bionet.general if you have an interest in such a group.
>which would then be posted to relevant groups by either Dave or whoever is
>pushing for the newsgroup.  This way, people not aware of the bionet cluster
>might be drawn in (for example, a number of posts have been
>made to which are obviously from professional biologists
>looking for technical information).
>Keith Robison

        I like this idea -- head off the wrong kind of lobbying by lobbying
"standard USENET group" readers to come to BIOFORUM and do it *our* way (and
garner some "free advertising" in the process 8-).


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