BIOSCI newsgroup creation/termination policy - LONG!

T80SMS1 at NIU.bitnet T80SMS1 at NIU.bitnet
Thu Feb 27 09:59:00 EST 1992

>From: Dave Kristofferson <kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET>

>POINT FOR DISCUSSION: I propose to set a newsgroup termination level
>of one message a week.

I basicly agree with all of Dave's proposals with one small
quibble.  A high volume of traffic could be due to one of
three scenarios.  (1) Lots of useful information passing back and
forth.  (2) An occassional missive followed by dozens of flames.
(3) A request for information followed by dozens of repetitive
answers.  For example, I subscribe to POPBIO, a low level list
but above the current cut-off.  All of the traffic is either
announcements in need of widespread dissemination but to a
narrow audience or queries that receive 2-4 thoughtful replies.

   Thus, I propose an addendum to the one-message-a-week death
threat.  The designated monitor/moderator of the list can
appeal the termination on the grounds of message quality
over quantity.

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