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Mon Feb 24 13:41:52 EST 1992

kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:
: My current feeling is that a bionet.plants heirarchy makes the most
: sense of the proposals that I have seen.  I would suggest that this be
: voted on first with Tony Travis still in the role of discussion
: leader.  If traffic wrrants the creation of other subdivisions, e.g.,
: bionet.plants.botany, bionet.plants.biotech, etc. it makes more sense
: to propose these later when the readers get to the point that they
: think the volume warrants it (a usual procedure on USENET).   I'd
: appreciate your feedback on this (you don't have to wait until
: Wednesday or later to comment on the plant heirarchy issue).

Botany clearly means different things to different people, but I agree
that a bionet.plants group which may subsequently be split is the best
idea so far.  However, a critical mass of readers is needed to keep
groups like these active and I think one group bionet.plants would

I have been stirring 'botanists' up a little to try an discover how
much interest there is this proposal and I have been pleasantly
surprised to see activity in the news groups and responses to me via
e-mail.  I just hope we can start discussing plant biology soon!


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