DNA Extraction from odd sources...

M.D. O'Leary Mark.OLeary at newcastle.ac.uk
Tue Feb 25 08:36:16 EST 1992

I'm posting this for a friend, hope you can help.


        I'm looking for a method of isolating DNA from feathers (esp. Swan 
feathers) if this is possible. This is in pursuance of a DNA fingerprinting 
study on swan populations in the UK, and has been made neccessary due to recent 
changes in legislation relating to blood and tissue sampling from swans.

        Any references to methods or concerning the general field would be 
greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,
                Janet Mason

Contact via Mark.OLeary at uk.ac.newcastle, or SnailMail Dept Agric Biotech, 
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

There ya go, netfolk! See if you can help, please!

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