David Kristofferson kristoff at
Sun Feb 23 14:24:46 EST 1992

> Anyway when the numbers were set in the beginning it was a decision made
> by the BioSci Managers (back in the day's when I was a manager). The time
> might be ripe to have some open discussion on the voting policy.
> What do you think?

This was precisely what I suggested a few days back but I wanted to be
absolutely certain that BIOFORUM was up and running at IRLEARN and
that everyone that was previously on BIONEWS at IRLEARN had a chance
to subscribe to BIOFORUM there first.  I have heard that the group is
operational there but my test messages last week were inconclusive,
i.e., nothing came back although I signed myself up on the list.  I am
going to try once again.

Regarding the botany and plant newsgroups, the idea of starting a
plant heirarchy makes a lot of sense but it would be premature to
specialize it until we see how the groups are used.  Thus, I tend to
side with the bionet.plants idea for now and then subdivide it later
at usage warrants.

I will send another test to IRLEARN shortly and may hold off on the
call for votes to settle the criterion issue first.  However, if
BIOFORUM is still not ready at IRLEARN then I'll probably proceed with
this one last vote under the old rules.

Dave Kristofferson

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