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In <CMM. at> kristoff at GENBANK.BIO.NET (Dave Kristofferson) writes:
>> So when does our newsgroup start?
>A call for votes will probably go out on Monday on the
>BIONEWS/bionet.announce newsgroup and the newsgroup will be created
>within about a month of receiving the required number of votes.

It was about two or three years ago when the voting proceedures were
established, and then the figure was set at a ridiculously low level
so that new newsgroups would have a chance of being established.

In the past there have also been notices saying that we should have voting
proceedures more in line with the rest of Usenet. I think this might be
a wise idea, since it ensures that there is enough critical mass to sustain
the newsgroup. It may be that the reason some of the Bionet newsgroups
are inactive is lack of good ground support... not enough people involved.

It would seem that the Botanists are pretty vocal at the momment, so
perhaps they have enough people to get the newsgroup established.

Anyway when the numbers were set in the beginning it was a decision made
by the BioSci Managers (back in the day's when I was a manager). The time
might be ripe to have some open discussion on the voting policy.

What do you think?

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